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Canine Flu H3N2 is found in Arizona for the first time. Dr. Nelson recommends vaccination to prevent this disease. More information is available at Dr. Nelson's blog. 

Dilated cardiomyopathy secondary to taurine deficiency is occurring in dogs who eat grain free diets that contain legumes. Dr. Nelson recommends avoiding grain free diets until further notice. More information is available at Dr. Nelson's blog. 

Erica, Veterinary Technician, has passed the Arizona Certification exam. Congrats Erica!



After years of working as a relief veterinarian at many Arizona clinics including Animal Hospital at Tatum Ranch, Alta Vista, Pinnacle Peak and Sunburst Animal Hospitals, I was thrilled to purchase Arizona Skies Animal Hospital. While I enjoyed each of those experiences, owning this practice still affords me the opportunity to write books and speak, but most important, to establish the standard of care and environment for our patients. 


Our mission at Arizona Skies Animal Hospital is to provide the best possible care for our patients while also keeping their stress low. It breaks my heart to see dogs and cats upset because they are at the vet's. To reduce stress, we provide behavioral enrichment such as a pheromone diffusers in the cat exam room, mats to prevent slipping on the examination table and  birds who whistle and enthrall the bird dogs. We hope to see you and your dogs and cats soon!  

-Kristen Nelson, DVM




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Arizona Skies Animal Hospital is a full-service small animal hospital located on the northwest corner of Cave Creek and Lone Mountain Roads in Phoenix, Arizona. Our contact information is:


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Cave Creek, AZ 85331

Office Phone: (480) 488-3400

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