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The best care for your best friend!

Arizona Skies Animal Hospital

Arizona skies Animal Hospital offers a wide range of services for dogs and cats through all phases of life. Our services include: 


      1. Wellness

  • Individualized vaccination programs  
  • Intestinal parasite testing, treatment & control
  • Heartworm testing, treatment & prevention
  • Health Certificates
  • Microchips

     2. Surgery

  • Spay/Neuter/Pyometra
  • Simple to complex mass removal
  • Abdominal surgery of all kinds
  • Gastropexy for bloat
  • Urinary surgery including bladder stone removal

    3. Dental Procedures

  • Full mouth digital dental films using our iM3 system
  • Dental scaling including under the gums (which anesthesia-free procedures neglect)
  • Simple to complex extractions
  • Polishing of crowns
  • Periodontal pocket antibiotic treatment                      

     4. Anesthesia

  • Inhalation anesthesia 
  • Chemical anesthesia
  • Intensive monitoring with our Advisor Monitor
  • Pain management tailored to each patient
  • Post-op monitoring                                                  

     5. Diagnostics 

  • Digital full body x-rays
  • In house laboratory for critical patients
  • Mobile ultrasound service
  • Ringworm testing
  • Skin scrapes/impression smears                                

      6. Treatments

  • In-house pharmacy as well as written prescriptions
  • Royal Canin Prescription Diets
  • Hill's Science Diet Prescription Diets
  • Referral to veterinary specialists
  • Sensitive end of life care